Be Still and Know

I have always loved snow days. Growing up in North Central Ohio, we had plenty of opportunities to play in the snow all winter long. Now that I have two small children of my own, snow days aren’t quite as relaxing, but they still offer a special type of beauty and peace that you only get a glimpse of when the world you know is quietly blanketed in pure white snow.

This morning when I took my dog outside, I couldn’t help but to stand in awe of my surroundings. I am always struck by how still, clam, and peaceful the world feels after a couple of inches of snow. There were hardly any cars, everyone’s school was canceled, and the normal rush of a Thursday morning was absent.

Snow days remind me of one of my favorite verses in all of scripture, it is very simple and comes at the beginning of Psalm 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God (ESV).” It is a verse that I  need to contemplate on more than just peaceful snow days.

Our lives can quickly become hectic, stressful, and full of difficult decisions. Stock markets can take a sharp dive, world violence can increase, and personal trials and tragedy often hit close to home. In the midst of all of these things it is important to remember that God’s will for our lives does not include frantic worrying but complete trust in Him. We often waste so much energy creating imaginary scenarios in our minds, running through hypothetical conversations, and contemplating next moves. Sometimes these things have their place, but most likely they are not the way of those who follow Jesus. When we are still before God, and allow Him to be in control; it is amazing how much easier it is to show grace, offer forgiveness, put others first, and show love. When we try to control things we often fall into ruts of nervous self-preservation that cause us treat others more harshly than God would desire. We end up gossiping instead of encouraging, we end up complaining instead of being thankful, we end up being motivated by selfish ambition instead of love.

So, Alleghany County is about to get covered in 18-24 inches of snow. There is no better time to take a moment to be still, to contemplate how amazing it is that God is good, God is love, and God is in control. There is no better time to think about how much this truth can change the direction of your life in many powerful ways.